Machine Automation Solutions

If you are looking for the best industrial automation engineering solutions company, PLC programming expertise, and an experienced team in machine automation then you are in the right place.

We have the ability to work on electro-mechanical modification of the machine to increase its production capacity at a low cost. MultiTech Solution is converting manual machinery into automatic and Semi-automatic machines into fully automatic. In this sector, our main focus is textile machinery sales, industrial automation, modification, replacement parts supply and machine upgrade services. If any replacement parts are required, we have trusted components, experienced perspectives and specialized recommendations for you.

MTS engineering team members are ready to visit your factory’s doorstep. After the audit, they inform you about the machine’s present condition. Prove financial justification. It will be easy for you to set goals for an achievable ROI for the project. Our automation system is for customer task-specific, safety improvement and increased flexibility to enhance productivity.

You know that the industrial revolution started the transition from creating goods by hand to using machines. Now the 4IR or Industry 4.0 conceptualizes rapid change in technology. Increasing the production of goods and the standard of living. Statistics say in 2022, 42% of work hours will be performed by machine. As a result, most major manufacturers are very concerned about machine perfection.

Scope of Industrial Machine Automation Solutions in Industries

1. Textile (Weaving) industries

Textile sizing machine:

Sizing machine is the most common in the textile (weaving) industry which the controlling system is PLC based. If you collect any used & waste Sizing machine mechanical body we are ready to help you to run the machine immediately. The purpose of the Sizing machine is to provide a protective coating on the warp yearn to reduce yarn breakage in the weaving section. There are four types of Sizing processes secret: Pure sizing, Light sizing, Medium sizing and Heavy sizing.

Sectional warping machine:

This machine controlling system PLC based. In sectional warping machine, uses probably one of the most calculative PLC programs in the textile industry. We have well experience to make automation this machine. It prepares multicoloured warps for checked design fabrics. Sectional warping is used mainly for short-run or complex color patterns.

Direct warping machine:

Karl Mayer’s direct warping machine controlling system is usually card-based but we have done successful automation works using Cimon PLC & HMI which is still now running fine. It combines various yearns from creel tensioners to the main cylinder.

2. Spinning mills

  • Blending in Spinning Mill: This machine uses to improve yearn processing performance and increase yarn strength.
  • Bale Opener Machine/ UNIFloc A 12: The main work of this machine is fibre opening and blending from pressed bales.
  • Combing Machine in Ring Spinning: The combing machine system consists of two combs. It removes short fibres that are not good in making fine yarns.
  • Roving Frame or Simplex Machine: This machine process normally comes after comber in the combing process and draw a frame in the carding process.
  • Ring Spinning Machine: Ring spinning is a spindle-based method of spinning fibres.
  • Carding Process in Spinning: The card used in woollen spinning is traditionally the sort with a cylinders Draw Frame.
  • Lap Former in Textile Spinning Process: A lap former is a must-have machine for creating a lap.

3. Dyeing mills

  • Dyeing Color Kitchen: Dosing, weighing and dissolving of liquid and powder dyes.
  • Jigger Dyeing Machine: This machine is suitable for the dyeing of woven fabrics.
  • Beem Dyeing Machine: Beem Dyeing Machine is used in textile industries for colouring the fabric with open width.
  • Jet Dyeing Machine: This machine is the most popular and are widely used for the dyeing of polyester fabric with dispersed dyes.
  • Fabric Dyeing Machine: It is used to dye textile fabrics like for example wool, cotton or cotton threads.
  • Indigo Dyeing Machine: Indigo Dyeing Machine is a dye and chemical preparation and dosing system which enables precise dosing and a uniform stock solution.
  • Yarn Dyeing Machine – Cone/Hank: Cone and Hank combines performance with durability when it comes to the perfect colouring of yearn
  • Stenter Machine: This is a PLC-controlled machine used for stretching or entering thin fabrics. It is the most expensive and important fabric drying and finishing machine that we have to install PLC and developed the program as per machine.
  • Steamers: Color-coated fabric PLC-based loop steamer, For the textile and garment industry.

4. Finishing Mills

  • Raising Machine: The machine made by textile technology is suitable for raising blankets, woollen fabrics, knitted fabrics and woven filament fabrics.
  • Brushing Machine: The brushing machine for textile finishing are incredibly resistant to external forces such as mechanical impacts, corrosion
  • Coating Machine: It is used for single-sided topcoat coating on the surface of the strip after the primer.
  • Sanforizing Machine: It works by stretching, shrinking and fixing the woven cloth in both length and width before cutting and producing, to reduce the shrinkage.
  • Emerizing / Sueding / Sanding Machines: Sueding or mesmerizing is a technique that creates a soft feel while touching.
  • Decatising Machinery: is used for the process of woollen fabrics in order to give stabilization as well as a handle or surface smoothness.
  • Polymerisers: Polymerisers machine assures perfect fixation of dyes even at the higher temperature.
  • Pile Finishing Machine: It is used during the production of pre-stressed concrete piles
  • Singeing Machine: Singeing is a process of passing an open-width fabric over a gas flame or hot plate at such a distance and speed that it burns only.
  • Shearing Machine: This Machine is suitable to shear the loop irregular, hards or knots on the surface of fabrics.
  • Shrinking Machine: Shrinking machine for woven fabric Application.
  • Compactor: A textile finishing machine which is designed especially for compacting 100% cotton knitted fabric like jersey, pique and interlock.
  • Laminating Machine: PLC control Automatic Hot Melt Glue laminating machine for nonwoven, film and fabric.
  • Polishing Machine: The Polishing machine is produced in models suitable to process synthetic furs, acrylic blankets and wool fabrics.
  • Relaxers / Reduction Machine: This machine uses for chemical fibre, viscose, pure cotton, denim fabric and digital printing to de-sizing, bleaching, and washing.
  • Pleating Machine: Excellent features like tear resistance and colourfastness, this fabric is used in fabric pleating machines.

5. Printing

  • Flatbed printing machine: Using a flatbed screen printing machine can be printed as per design.
  • Rotary Screens Printing Machine: Rotary screen printing is a continuous printing process with a perforated cylinder or spherical screen are used which is automatically fed.
  • Octopus screen printing machine: Octopus printing machines can handle 4 to 8 colours. Some brands are capable of delivering excellent output and processing multiple colours.

6. Packaging

  • Auto Corrugated Carton Multicolor Screen Print Machine: Digital Corrugated Cardboard Printer Boost Carton Packaging Benefits.
  • Slitter Machine: Slitting machine is used for the tubular knit fabric to make it in open form
  • Printing Machine: The digital Inkjet printing technology is recommended for very high-quality labels and packaging in short and medium runs.

7. Pharmaceuticals industries

Autoclave machine automation in Pharmaceutical Industry: Autoclaves are also used in the scientific research and pharmaceutical industries beyond sterilizing equipment used in laboratories.

  • Hot Air Stylization Machine Automation: Hot air sterilization is applicable to sterilization instruments which can tolerate high temperatures and need to remain in a sterilized condition.
  • Blister Machine Automation: Blistermate is a powerful semi-automated blister packaging machine designed with a variety of features, such as saving and recalling pharmaceutical recipes.
  • Tablet Press Machine Automation: Tablet press also referred to as tabletting machine, pharmaceutical tablet press, tablet compressing machine or tablet punching.
  • Bottle Wash Machine Automation: Pharmaceutical Bottle Washing Machine is suitable to wash bottles with the minimum use of labour & time.
  • Filling Machine Automation: Automated powder filling machines are often used on high-value pharmaceutical powders to accurately dispense the proper amount of powder into a container.
  • Auto Water Pressure/ Buster pump Automation: Water pressure or buster machine automation is required in every factory where needed huge water-related works.
  • Auto Coating Machine Automation: Auto coater machine is Inbuilt with an Auto spray stop in case of disturbance in the pan drive to protect tablets or granules from any damage due to system failure.
  • ORS- Oral Rehydration Salt (Powder) Machine Automation: We have completed the automation projects for this machine in several pharmaceuticals industry in Bangladesh. This machine is usually used for powder packing. For example, Saline packing in the machine.

8. Food & beverage industries

  • Multi-function food online check weigher for the food industry: PLC controls multi-function food online check weigher for Food Manufacturing. These machines are commonly used to weigh product items as they pass through the production line. Sterilizers for the food industry.
  • Bottle Leveling Machine Automation: Automatic bottle labelling machine made according to your labelling requirements. Provide sufficient supply at factory price and support for OEM service.
  • Candy Making Machine Automation: candy-making equipment to start your candy production and business.
  • Packing Machine Automation: Automation in the food packaging process involves using robotics for food material handling in the packaging process. The fully automatic food packing unit is complete equipment used to package snack food such as melon seeds, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts, candy, jelly etc.
  • Dryers for the food industry: This Food dryer is suitable for heating, solidification, drying and dehydration of many raw materials such as fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, nuts
  • Sausage clipping machines Automation: A clipping machine (sausage-clipper) is generally coupled to a filling unit (filler/stuffer/pump), which supplies it with the bulk product for packaging.
  • Sausage production lines Automation: Sausages are products in which fresh comminuted meats are modified by various processing methods to yield desirable organoleptic and keeping properties.
  • Semi-Automatic Bottle Filling Machine: Semi-Automatic Bottle Filling Machine is a Double Head Liquid Filling Machine suitable for filling Pharmaceuticals, Beverages.

9. Cement industries

  • Application of DCS control system in the Cement Industry: The control system mainly carries on the automatic control of the iron powder, sandstone and limestone level gauge.
  • Automated Dust Collector for Cement mills: Automatic Dust Collector machine for Cement plants is important because dust is a major industrial pollutant generated by a variety of manufacturing processes.
  • Cement Silo: In a cement mill cement silo is the on-site storage container that allows for the storage and distribution systems of different cement mixes.
  • Cement Packing Machine Automation: The wonderful cement packing machine is easy to operate and has a faster-packing speed driven by smart, automated technologies.
  • Automatic Bagging Machine Automation: It is mainly used to complete the automatic packing of cement and other powder materials with good fluidity, such as fly ash, gypsum powder and cement additives.

10. Wire & cable industries

  • Wire Processing System Automation: The high-performance cable processing machine is used for the production of quality POF cables, for example for the automotive industry. Automated wire processing for previously manual processes allows Technical Cable Applications to improve efficiency and increase productivity.
  • Tension Control System: Web Tension Control solutions designed specifically for wire and cable manufacturing processes.
  • PLC Control Winder Automatic Cable Rewinding Machine: PLC Control Winder Automatic Cable Rewinding Machine is mainly used to rewind cable from big roll to small one. It can measure the winding length. The matched coil stand can place 3 different size rolls. The machine’s main Components are the Mainframe, Winding unit, Automatic winding displacement unit, PLC-based control system, Coil stand and Foot pedal.

11. Paper & board Industries

  • Complete Paper Mill Automation Solutions: You may call us for the paper mill industry for automation purposes. The paper mill projects can be customized at our end. Being a market leader in this domain, we provide clients with premium-quality of Paper mill automation project solutions. Multitech solution is an industrial automation solution company who are doing paper mill automation projects as per customer needs within the promised time frame.  We do paper mill line synchronization by using VFD along with PLC systems using our own developed PLC program and HMI design.
  • Fully Automatic Paper Bags Making Machine: The sheet-feeding paper bag-producing machine is suitable for high-volume paper bag production, using blank sheet or creased paper. Equipped with PLC control, frequency-controlled speed adjustment as well as a remote control. Automatic, non-stop feeding register, side glueing, gusset forming, bottom folding and pasting, automatic collection and counting – all in one uninterrupted workflow.
  • Unwinder Paper Converting Machine: It is specifically built to provide an automatic operation main application for all webs of plastic film, paper, laminates and non-woven.
  • Tissue Roll Machine Automation: Full Automatic Facial Tissue Manufacturer Machine Small Roll Towel Napkin Tissue Toilet Paper Making.
  • Tissue Converting Machine Automation: Even thin tissue paper can be folded, which reduces cost and allows the use of automated product take-out equipment, which saves on labour.

12. Printing & packaging industries

  • Automatic Paper Lamination Machine: Widely used for Laminating Sheets, textbooks, books, calendars, cards, and packaging cartons. It is ideal equipment for Printing and Packaging.
  • Sheet To Roll Lamination Machine: In order to meet the various requirements of the clients, we are actively engaged in offering our clients a wide range of Sheet To Roll Lamination.
  • Eight-color printing machine: These machines are suitable to print PP, PE, BOPP, OPP, PE shrinkable film, packing paper, glass paper
  • Auto Packaging Machines: These machines are ideal for all types of large scale and small scale industries both, offering consistent performance levels.
  • Filling machine: Filling Machine suitable for filling Pharmaceuticals, Beverages.

13. Water & Waste Automation

ETP Machines:
  • Electro Coagulation Machines: The majority of the wastewater produced is from the cleaning of various machines, tanks, and mixers. BOD, COD, suspended solids, volatile organic compounds.
  • Screw Press Dewatering: Multi-Plate Screw Press sludge dewatering equipment for ETP it is used for water treatment which type is Straight and functions solid-liquid separation.


  • WTP Machines: Multitech provide solutions for water treatment plant automation, WTP automation, Waste treatment plant automation, STP automation and ETP automation.
  • WTP Process: Searching for automated wastewater treatment systems in Bangladesh? Multitech solutions will give you a complete guide on how to make the water treatment process cost-effective.

What are types of Industrial Automation?

  1. Soft Automation
  2. Hard Automation
  3. Programmed Automation
  4. Integrated Automation

Why you modernize your machine?

  • Quick return on investment because of boosted Quality Production
  • Problematic machine operating cost is high
  • Renovate the machine to improve worker safety
  • Factory lead times reducing
  • Better planning
  • Enhance Safety
  • Floor space proper utilization
  • Easy integration
  • Maximum utilization of manpower.
  • Your ability will to be more competitive

What are the common tools for Industrial automation?

  • Sensors and controllers
  • Automation instrument
  • Enclosures and Accessories.
  • Industrial Communication.
  • Interface, Measurement and Control Relays.
  • Motion Control and Robotics.
  • Power Supplies and Transformers.
  • Signaling and safety devices

PLC Programming Platforms

Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation
LS Electric (LSIS)
Delta Electronics
Schneider Electric

In conclusion, in this competitive market factory owners thinking to renovate the existing machine. MULTITECH is the best solution provider company in Bangladesh for your damaged machine. Our key work is to diagnose the problem than source original replacement parts and install them to run the machine efficiently.

Unexpectedly, If the machine fully or partially damages an automation part we may help you with the complete range of automation solutions including PLC programming, HMI designing and remote monitoring facilities using SCADA.

For any machine automation solutions, PLC programming, Industrial automation project, Automation system, Industrial machine parts or automation engineering services please don’t hesitate to contact us.